10 September 2017

World Sepsis Day 2017

This event aims is to improve the quality of sepsis management and its critical care. World sepsis day has been held in various city all over Indonesia, and now in 2017 Bali has a chance to held this campaign.

This intense three-day course is designed by SCCM to provide the most comprehensive field overview in the diagnosing, monitoring and management of critically ill patients.

This MCCR course is designed for practitioners who are seeking an updated review of critical care medicine, and all participants will receive the last edition of Multi-professional Critical Care Review textbook.

In this opportunity, idsMED supports this event as one of booth exhibitor and also participate in PDT workshops.

Here are the list of speakers :

Janice L Zimmerman, MD, MCCM  Robert A. Balk, MD, FCCM
Prof. Dr.dr I Made Wiryana, SpAn, KIC dr. Dita Aditianingsih, SpAn.KIC
Prof. Dr.dr. Ida Parwati, SpPK(KMK), PhD dr. Rupii, SpAn, KIC
Dr. dr. Syafri K Arif, SpAn, KAKV, KIC dr. Budi Hartawan, SpA, MSc
Dr. dr. Kiki Lukman, SpB, KBD, PhD dr. Rudi Manalu, SpAn, KIC
Dr. dr. I Wayan Suranadi, SpAn, KIC, PhD dr. Franz Josef Vincentius Pangalila, SpPD, KIC
dr. Oloan E. Tampubolon, SpAn, KIC Titin Mulyati, SKp, MKep
dr. Bambang Wahyu Prayitno, SpAn,KIC  


For more information please contact :

Primary: +62813 3766 9960


Dr. I Made Agus Kresna Sucandra, SpAn, KIC (0812 3621 4222)

Dr. Ketut Yudi Arparitna (0813 3732 0862)

Dr. Troy Syamsuddin (0813 5404 8188)

Dr. Budi Hartono (0813 9157 0385)


Email : wsd2017bali@gmail.com

Date and Time
Sun, 10 Sep 2017 - Thu, 14 Sep 2017
07:30 am - 05:30 pm
Sanur Paradize Plaza Hotel, Jl. Hang Tuah No.46, Sanur Kaja, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali
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