25 December 2020
Healthy Tips to Enjoy Hotpot
Hotpot is a favourite among Hongkongers during the freezing winter. And this meal is often enjoyed w...
25 November 2020
The Difference Between Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and COVID-19
As Hong Kong enters winter and the flu season, we should be aware of the difference between the symp...
27 October 2020
Fruit for Your Health
Fruits are a nutritious food. They are almost all juicy and sweet, but excessive consumption may do ...
30 September 2020
Healthy Tips for Trying Time
The COVID-19 pandemic persists on an extended duration with its impact beyond estimations. We should...
20 March 2020
COVID-19 and How to Prevent the Disease
What is Coronavirus? Why is this virus declared as a pandemic? Why is it dangerous for humans?
18 February 2020
Cough and Sneeze Etiquette!
Protect yourself and others from the flu