Apoptosis-inducing Radiofrequency
Perfect frequency to destroy adipocyte cells, air cooling mode provides improved patient safety and comfort, patented PISA™ technology for the best treatment outcomes.


• Reduction for waist circumference of obese patients (Scope for obese patients : BMI 25 kg / ㎡ ~ 35 kg / ㎡)
• Pain relief
• Pain relief in patients with knee osteoarthritis

How It Works For Pain Relief In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

Radiofrequency of enCurve penetrates into the deep tissues. The tissue molecules are super excited and oscillate rapidly causing heat energy. Therefore the heat energy raises the tissue temperature and effects on relief pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

The Easy, Comfortable Way To Deliver Circumferential Reduction

The enCurve is the easy and comfortable way to reduce adipocytes through apoptosis-inducing radiofrquency. Working through controlled delivery of energy deep into the adipocytes, enCurve utilizes a specialized frequency (27.12 MHz) to selectively target and heat adipocytes to the optimal temperature to cause denaturation of cells, leading to adipocyte’s death.

Comfortable Convenience

What better way to provide care for patients than with a device which is not only easy for you to operate, but to be able to provide one that is relaxing and minimal pain for them. The easy to use touch screen interface combined with the ergonomic articulating arm has multiple joints that provide extended reach and the air flow head conforms to most body types. 

Patients relax while enCurve works to reveal their curves, while you gain the profits.

How It Works For Reduction For Waist Circumference Of Obese Patients

The apoptosis-inducing radiofrequency penetrates deep into the tissue, targeting the adipocytes. The adipocytes are super excited and oscillate rapidly causing frictional heat. The frictional heat raises the adipocyte temperature to 45 degrees at which point the cells denaturize. This denaturation causes changes in the integrity of the adipocyte membrane, which leads to apoptosis (cell death), with expulsion of the intracellular lipid. The body’s natural removal process then takes over, removing the damaged cells, permanently removing the cells.

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Focused energy targets adipocytes

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How It Works


27.12 MHz frequency is more highly absorbed by adipocytes. As a result, adipocytes are more responsive than the cells in epidermis, dermis, or muscles, making this frequency ideally suited to precisely target the adipocytes. The apoptosis-inducing shortwave causes the adipocytes to vibrate or oscillate at a high rate which generates frictional energy (heat). The frictional energy leads to apoptosis of adipocytes.


  • Safely destroys fat cells while protecting epidermis and dermis
  • 2 Applicators for variety of treatment options including abdomen, thigh and arm
  • Customize treatments with Personalized Impedance Synchronization Application Technology(PISATM)
  • Safely leave patient unattended during most of treatment maximizes staff time
  • Easy to install and operate; No consumables
  • 300 Watts deliver ideal power for optimal treatment outcomes
  • Air Mode works to eliminate sweat on tissue to prevent burn risk


Personalized Impedance Synchronization Application (PISA)

The enCurve synchronizes treatment energy with the change in the patient’s impedance in order to minimize energy loss and achieve a better clinical outcome. PISA technology overcomes shortcomings of traditional RF device.

Comparison Of Treatment Modalities In Body Contouring

The enCurve safely and easily treats entire abdomen and waist line for a more natural appearance and full coverage, while most competitors do not.

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Non-Contact RF

The applicator is placed over the area to be treated, the treatment is selected from the easy to operate touch screen GUI. Once the treatment begins the device measures the impedance of the tissue, and begins to tune to the adipose tissue. Device constantly adjusts energy delivery in order to ensure and maintain homogeneous heating of the tissue.

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