Pico Laser
Power through stubborn discoloration and unwanted tattoos with enlighten™ — the world’s first — and only — dual wavelength (1064 nm + 532 nm) and dual pulse duration (750 ps + 2 ns) laser system featuring class-leading treatment parameters and customization.


enlighten™ maximizes the potential of extremely short pulse durations by offering the world’s first tunable and customizable picosecond laser platform. With the broadest range of treatment parameters of any picosecond laser available, enlighten™ maximizes treatment options for optimum treatment outcomes.

PICO + NANO Technology

The most advanced laser system for tattoo removal and skin revitalization.

To remove the complete range of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, you need the ideal blend of technologies – the correct wavelengths, the correct pulse durations and the correct energy levels. enlighten™ combines those features into one complete system – NOW with PICO 670.

Maximum Depth of Penetration

enlighten™ features up to 3X more energy (600 mJ) at 1064 nm and up 1.5X more energy (300 mJ) at 532 nm over competitive systems. enlighten™’s high-power means you can easily adjust and deliver therapeutic fluences for the entire range of spot sizes.

Short + Long

enlighten™ is the only laser system in its class to feature both shorter (750 picoseconds) and longer (2 nanoseconds) pulse durations, giving you the ability to customize the pulse duration to match the target condition. This means improved treatment efficacy for benign pigmented epidermal and dermal lesions, and multiple tattoo ink particle sizes.

Therapeutic Power at Depth

Delivering the highest peak power at every spot-size and pulse duration means dramatically reducing energy loss to scattering. Real power at depth translates into faster and more efficient treatments.

Operator Efficiency

enlighten™ is optimized for efficient and nimble use. Modern features include instant and independent adjustment of spot-size, fluence, wavelength, pulse duration and repetition rate. enlighten™ also features a smart 12.1” touchscreen that’s simple to navigate and a quick 2 minute start-up time with real-time parameter calibration, enabling faster patient treatments.

Target Reds

The 532 nm wavelength offers the opportunity to treat Red ink—one of the top 3 most common tattoo colors.

Maximize Range and Utility

Competitive devices offer one fixed energy setting per spot size—to increase fluence, you must reduce spot-size. enlighten is the only system that offers independent adjustment of spot-size and fluence, and over a broad range of settings.

PICO Genesis™

NEW! Now you can offer an innovative, non-thermal way to treat pigment and revitalize the skin with PICO Genesis™.