Easy Moves to Help Lose Weight
Looking to lose weight without wasting money and time? Here are four easy moves that you can do every day at home or even at work.
19 February 2020

Looking to lose weight without wasting money and time? Here are four easy moves that you can do every day at home or even at work.


Relax your body, stand up and lift your hands, and then lose the body in the squat position. The purpose of this exercise is to tighten the thighs and back muscles. By doing this regularly, you can shape your body and lose weight. You can do squat at your home or in your room.  


Jumping Jack

Want to have more fun? Try jumping jacks. It is very easy and you do not need a big place to start. Start with standing up with the both feet sticking together. Then jump by stretching the legs and lifting both hands on the head while clapping your hands. Jumping jacks will burn your calories faster and helps firm your muscles.


Bear Crawl

Not only children, but adults also can enjoy this activity. As the name suggests, Bear Crawl is a crawling movement like a bear. This movement is good for your heart and it can strengthen the abdominal muscles, buttocks, shoulders, upper things and arms. Start to place your hands and feet equal with the legs and then do the crawling gesture. Repeat it regularly!



Planking may look easy but is actually not that easy. To start, pose your body in plank position – like pushup position, bend elbow equal to your shoulders, with legs aligned with the hips. Hold this position. This exercise will help to reduce the fat on your stomach.


Involving almost every part of your body, burpee Is one of the most effective ways to reduce fat. To do this activity, you can start with the standing position and continue to squat position with both hands attached to the ground. After that, kick the legs backward, back to a pushup position, and continue to do squat. Then, you finish it by jumping back into the starting position with the hands touches the back of the head. That’s’ almost like a combo of several moves in one go, but the results are worth it!

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