EWS Pioneer in Asia Pacific - Bagan Specialist Centre
4th of July, 2018 - the important day for Philips, idsMED and Bagan Specialist Centre in launching the first EWS in Asia Pacific.
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10 July 2018
Earlier in May, Intellivue Guardian Solution, Automated early warning scoring system has gone live in Bagan Specialist centre. BSC has then became the first hospital to embark on a fully automated early warning scoring system in the Asia pacific region. Now, 2 months later, users have settled down and are already comfortable with the solution. The hospital has then, arranged a media launch to announce to the press and in fact the whole medical community in Malaysia that this standard of care is now available in Bagan Specialist Centre.

This media launch kicked off with the Chief Executive Officer Dr Tan Hui Ling delivering her speech, bringing the audience through the indication of early warning scoring system and how it can elevate the standard of clinical care. Then, Mr Diederik Zeven, General Manager, Health Systems, Philips ASEAN Pacific gave a brief delivery on how Philips Intellivue Guardian Solution can improve clinical outcomes by detecting patient deterioration. The Chief Operations Officer of BSC Mdm Ong Mooi Seok, also delivered a short presentation on the differences of Manual and Automated EWS, proving that now, with IGS in place, BSC can duly be your choice of healthcare delivery facility.

A tour of the wards implemented with IGS were then carried out where all guests and media, accompanied by Dr Tan, Mdm Ong, and Mr Diederik Zeven, were walked through the solution and guests were also shown the unsung heroes of this solution – CableLess monitoring devices. Our Application Specialist from Penang, Gabrial Ong, worked with the nurses and demonstrated the devices and at the same time, showed how IGS along with Philips CareEvent alarm management system picked up patient vital signs changes and prompted this change of patient condition to a hand held mobile device. The Guest of Honor – Batu Uban, Penang, State Assemblyman Mr A.Kumaresan were pleasantly surprised by this advanced technology implemented in BSC and agreed on the importance of it in bringing healthcare standards in Penang to a higher level. With that, Medical Tourism which is one of the main healthcare income sources in Penang will have more potential.

With that, we hope that more hospitals will embark on this solution as our team in idsMED truly believes in providing solutions which can help save lives. Not to forget, “We Care with a Heart, Because Your Life Matters”

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