Food that can Help You Feel Better
You can reduce the craziness of mood swings by consuming the right food.
11 October 2019

Sometimes works require you to look happy and cheerful. You feel so exhausted when you wake up. You realize that you’ve got a lot of jobs to be done. Every night, you have no proper sleep and it makes your body stiffened in the morning. You also have a bad lifestyle – unhealthy breakfast and lunch also being a workaholic till midnight. Add this to the list, your boss is very upset because of your bad performance. Unconsciously, what you do as a routine changes your mood and leads you to depression. You might feel like the end of the world is near.

When you feel stress and anxious, your brain does not function well, and it needs quick relief. Most stressful people distract themselves by eating food. The frustration becomes a justification to eat a lot of food without even looking at the nutrition – as long as you feel less stressful, so it is forgiven. However, you still need proper nutrition to keep your mind and body healthy. You can reduce the craziness of mood swings by consuming the right food. These are the food you can consume to tame your stressful mind:


Why salmon? Because it contains omega-3 and Vitamin D that assist anxiety relief. People who suffer from anxiety and depression mostly consume low omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 fatty acids support your brain function properly by promoting communication and reducing inflammation and are crucial for optimal brain function. It has a strong relationship with cognitive function as well as mental health.



The green color is good and relaxing, and spinach is one of them. But it is not simply because of the meaning of the color, it is because of the folate. Spinach is full of folate and good for your brain. It is a natural anti-stress medication.  


Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Most people know chocolate is the secret weapon to boost your mood. However, there is no valid research on how dark chocolate can reduce stress. Many studies reveal that chocolate is a rich source of polyphenols, especially flavonoids. Chocolate also has a high tryptophan, which the body uses to turn into mood-enhancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin. You can also consume food that contains Vitamin D, Omega-3, and antioxidants that produce serotonin such as walnut (can be a snack) and blueberries.


In case you still feel uneasy after eating those, you can do a simple thing such as taking a deep breath and giving yourself free time. You can also spare your time to go traveling with your friends or family. Start loving yourself on this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, WOWsome people!





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