Taipei Medical University and idsMED Taiwan Jointly Organized the 1st Taiwan Healthcare Forum
The inaugural national Taiwan Healthcare Forum was held on 8 December 2018, bringing up Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Disruption in 5 "A" healthcare as the main theme. Eminent speakers invited to make cutting-edge presentations, highlighting the major areas of interest in healthcare today.
Event News
19 December 2018
The inaugural national Taiwan Healthcare Forum was held on 8 December 2018 at the Lecture Hall of Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taipei, Taiwan. The theme of the Forum is Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Disruption in 5 "A" healthcare, that stands for Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain, Advanced Technology, Aging, and Alliance in Asia”. With the pioneering position of TMU in the academic field of medical education, this collaboration aims to start the discussion about innovative ideas and provides a platform for knowledge exchange in the medical and healthcare system in the region. By sharing the latest medical findings and connecting local with global perspective, the Forum was hoped to drive the development of the overall medical system in the region.

Eminent speakers from the region were invited to make cutting-edge presentations on these topics, highlighting the major areas of interest in healthcare today, such as AI that transforms and redesigns
healthcare, Healthcare Technology Innovations leading to breakthrough of medical treatments and practices, meeting the challenges and opportunities of Aging Population, and the New Southbound Policy & Prospects to promote healthcare advancements and collaboration.

The star faculty team consisted of 15 distinguished speakers from the region, including Minister of Health and Welfare, CHEN Shih-Chung, President of TMU, Dr. LIN Chien-Huang, Superintendent of TMU Hospital, Dr. CHEN Ray-Jade, and Our idsMED Executive Vice President of North Asia, Tommy Lui, and other renowned speakers in the industry.

The Forum was a great success, attracting 100 healthcare practitioners in Taiwan. We hope to bring this enthusiasm to the next Forum as we actualize our vision to deliver healthcare solutions to improve quality of life.



 「台灣新健康經濟國際論壇 2018 - 5A醫療創新應用」


由臺北醫學大學、利和醫療集團有限公司首次合辦的台灣醫療論壇「台灣新健康經濟國際論壇 2018 - 5A醫療創新應用」舉辦於2018126,論壇聚焦Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain(人工智慧與區塊鏈)、Advanced Technology(前瞻技術)、Aging(老化)、 Alliance in Asia(亞洲體系)等5個A,邀請國內外醫療相關產、官、學界分享、交流,盼能激盪出醫療健康新觀點,迎向下一個亞洲醫療保健時代的挑戰。

「台灣新健康經濟國際論壇 2018 - 5A醫療創新應用」假北醫大醫學綜合大樓16樓國際會議廳舉行,包括衛福部陳時中部長、北醫大林建煌校長、北醫附醫陳瑞杰院長以及利和醫療北亞洲執行副總裁雷瑞強均到場與會,並期許藉由此次論壇,持續發展醫療健康產業發展網絡,串連國際與全球,共享健康新趨勢之成果,同時也希望透過北醫大在醫學教育的學術領域先驅優勢,帶動整體醫療系統發展。

論壇由技術層面的Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain人工智慧與區塊鏈揭開序幕,引導出目前創新科技帶來的趨勢與方向;接著探討透過Advanced Technology前瞻技術,結合網路、資訊等工具,可針對Aging老化提出長期照護新型態;隨後依發展社區照護與醫療養護整合的新模式,創造、建構出健康新經濟機會。

最後,Alliance in Asia是從台灣整體推廣新南向經濟與教育模式,分享經驗,鏈結亞洲體系;期盼透過此次5A論壇,強化並創造醫療健康新觀點,可作為台灣醫療產業的趨勢,亦從全球視野共同討論與審議,以因應下一個亞洲醫療保健時代。


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