Asian Healthcare Leadership Summit

The Asian Healthcare Leadership Summit is an event to bring together internationally recognised innovators in healthcare leadership, education, and infrastructure worldwide to engage in a dialogue with those from the Asia-Pacific Region to discuss and address the challenges and opportunities in healthcare. This event is organised by IDS Medical Systems Group (idsMED) under the Fung Foundation’s sponsorship. Both organisations are members of the Fung Group, a multinational corporation in Hong Kong with business operations in trading, logistics, distribution and retailing in over 40 economies from around the world.
The Fung Healthcare Leadership Summit 2015 is sponsored by the Fung Foundation and organized by IDS Medical Systems Group (idsMED), both members of the Fung Group. The Fung Group is a Hong Kong-based multinational with business operations in Trading, Logistics, Distribution and Retailing in 40 economies. idsMED is the Healthcare arm of the Fung Group and a leading integrated medical solutions provider of equipment, supplies and services in Asia.
The Fung Healthcare Leadership Summit 2015 aims to bring together internationally recognized healthcare leaders and innovators in Healthcare practice, education and infrastructure from around the world to engage in a dialogue with leading practitioners, senior management of healthcare and educational institutions, government officials and business leaders from the Asia-Pacific Region. New and significant demands are being made on the healthcare infrastructure of ASEAN countries, with the population almost doubling between 1990 and 2012. The adverse shift in demographics that governments everywhere are facing has created new sets of challenges and opportunities. ASEAN governments are trying their utmost to keep pace with rising costs and the new demands of an increasingly affluent population expecting better, cheaper and more responsive healthcare. The theme of the Summit, “Leadership & Innovation in Healthcare” will see our eminent speakers address a myriad of issues, opportunities & challenges, and innovations & trends emerging in healthcare. The one-day event will have speakers from across the world present the following:
  • Opportunities & Challenges in Asian Healthcare
  • Leadership in Healthcare
  • Innovation in Healthcare
The Summit will commence with a keynote panel discussion on Asian Healthcare, followed by keynote addresses on Healthcare Leadership and Innovation. This will be followed by networking cocktails and an exhibition. The event will end with a gala celebratory dinner in the evening with a highlight keynote presentation on China.
The Fung Healthcare Leadership Summit is a great opportunity for leading healthcare practitioners, thought leaders and decision makers to deliberate, network and act on emerging issues and challenges of healthcare in Asian countries.