13 November 2018
World Pneumonia Day: How to Treat Pneumonia Effectively
Each year, on 12 November, we celebrate World Pneumonia Day to raise awareness about pneumonia, the world’s leading infectious killer of young children. Worldwide, pneumonia takes the lives of more ...
07 November 2018
Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Safe?
Wireless Bluetooth headphones have been used widely all over the world, especially in this era. Although it seems more comfortable, many of us are cautious about the safety issues of using it. Is the ...
06 November 2018
Prematurity Awareness Month: Hearing Screening for Premature Newborns
Did you know a hearing impairment in newborns can affect one to six per 1,000 newborns?
24 October 2018
idsMED Indonesia and PT Mindray Medical Indonesia Sign A Distribution Cooperation Agreement
idsMED Indonesia is delighted to announce that the company have signed a distribution cooperation agreement with PT Mindray Medical Indonesia on Friday, 15 October 2018. The agreement will allow idsME...
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