30 July 2018
The 14th Annual National Conference of Medical Equipment
idsMED Vietnam coordinated with Fujifilm to be bronze co-sponsors at the 14th National Conference of...
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25 July 2018
idsMED Singapore Hosts Its 11th Healthcare Forum
Innovation and Best Practices in Healthcare Management
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20 July 2018
Lutronic’s PicoPlus VIP Launch at Saint Pierre
Why the PicoPlus: an evening of good food, good wine and great sharing from Dr Lee Guen Soo.
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13 July 2018
Developing Neuroprotective Care in NICU, RSCM
Caring for our customer has always been our first and foremost priority thus, on July 7-8th 2018, id...
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11 July 2018
idsMED Aesthetics 1st Body Aesthetics Conference 2018
Body Aesthetics: From Research to Practice and Mastering Its Difficulties
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10 July 2018
EWS Pioneer in Asia Pacific - Bagan Specialist Centre
4th of July, 2018 - the important day for Philips, idsMED and Bagan Specialist Centre in launching t...
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