20 December 2018
Rapid Response to Clinical Deterioration with Early Warning Scoring
The monitoring and measurement of vital signs and clinical assessment are core essential skills for ...
11 December 2018
The Four Vital Signs
It is very important to know your vital signs, which include body temperature, pulse rate, respirato...
27 November 2018
Prematurity Awareness Month: Myths & Facts
As parents, you might be flooded with numerous information from health practitioners to your family....
22 November 2018
Prematurity Awareness Month: Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound Screening
Screening is a very essential step for doctors to detect the early complications inside a human body...
16 November 2018
World Prematurity Day: Born Too Soon
“All newborns are vulnerable, but preterm babies are acutely so.” – UN Secretary, General Ban ...
14 November 2018
Prematurity Awareness Month: The Importance of ROP Screening
In these past few years, Retinopathy of Prematurity in Indonesia has increased in numbers. Retinopat...