idsMED Thailand Receives Contribution Achievement Award from the Privy Councilor

It was a proud moment for idsMED Thailand to receive the Contribution Achievement Award at Crown Prince Hospital Nakhonthai on 26 February 2024, in recognition of its dedication to healthcare excellence, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak. This award acknowledges idsMED’s significant contributions to Crown Prince Nakhonthai Hospital and other government hospitals in the Phitsanuloke province.
26 February 2024

26 February 2024 marked a significant event for idsMED Thailand as they were honoured with the Contribution Achievement Award at the Crown Prince Hospital Nakhonthai, located in Phitsanuloke province. This accolade recognised the company’s unwavering commitment, dedication and contributions to the Crown Prince, Nakhonthai Hospital and other government hospitals in the Phitsanuloke region. idsMED Thailand has demonstrated a consistent performance throughout the years, and particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

idsMED’s focus on maintaining a continuous supply chain during the outbreak significantly bolstered trust and confidence among the established hospitals. This ensured that patients received treatment with reliable medical equipment, thus enhancing social recognition and overall hospital satisfaction. In addition, idsMED Thailand’s charitable efforts of donating the much-needed medical equipment, although modest in scale, underscored its core values of care and concern.

Multiple factors, including the hard work of the FSS, MSC, and Logistics teams and the collective efforts of all idsMED departments, played a pivotal role in ensuring equitable distribution across numerous hospitals. These efforts addressed broader societal and economic disparities, as well as challenges in the medical education system. As idsMED Thailand increasingly engaged with government hospitals in providing healthcare services and offered strong back-office support in a timely manner, recognition within the industry underwent a noticeable transformation.

Mr. Weerachon Maneekheaw, Sales Supervisor for the Lower North region, had the honour of accepting the award on behalf of idsMED Thailand from Mr.Palakorn Suwanrath, a Privy Councilor in Thailand. In Thai society, Privy Councilors hold considerable influence, advising the monarchy on matters of the state and representing the King in social endeavours. Therefore, receiving this award from the Privy Councilor was a significant achievement for idsMED Thailand.

With seven years of service at idsMED Thailand, Mr. Weerachon expressed immense delight and pride in representing the company. He considered it a blessing to work at idsMED, citing the supportive colleagues, effective leadership and conducive work environment. While he felt honoured to be in the company of important governors and politicians, he was particularly pleased that idsMED’s efforts were being recognised by these influential people. Mr. Weerachon emphasised that this award was a testament to the hard work and dedication of all idsMED staff and management team members.

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