idsMED Vietnam’s English Course on Speaking and Listening

idsMED Vietnam formally started an online English course on 20 June for 21 of their staff members. The 24-lesson course is focused on developing their English speaking and listening skills. Taught by native speakers, classes are held in the afternoon every Monday and Thursday.
Event News
24 June 2022
On 20 June 2022, idsMED Vietnam officially started the pre-intermediate English course for 21 staff members. This online English course focuses on developing the two skills of listening and speaking. It also aims to help the staff increase their vocabulary on everyday topics, delve into more complex grammar points, and learn proper pronunciation with the correct intonation and stress.

The 24 online sessions are held from 16:30 to 18:00 every Monday and Thursday and the lessons are taught by native speakers. The course is expected to be very exciting and effective with efficient teaching methods, prioritising interaction through interviews, discussions, role plays and other engaging methods.

“The teacher has good communication and motivational skills, which helps us feel more confident to speak in English. I also like how he analyses and corrects the inappropriate points right after the students speak, which helps us to correct mistakes and remember them.” – Quang Vo, FSS

“Even though it’s an online class, the interaction of students with teachers, and students with students is high. I hope that after 24 lessons, my English listening and speaking skills will improve significantly.” – Le Thi Hang, OPS

“I believe that I will make a great improvement in English, both in listening and speaking after the course. In addition to online classes, we are assigned homework which helps us to consolidate our knowledge and skills.” – Thanh Nguyen, BME

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