Intellivue Guardian Solution goes live!
idsMED first Medical IT project goes live in Bagan Specialist Centre!
Health Care
28 May 2018
Intellivue Guardian Solution is the newest IT solution for general wards in the region from Philips Healthcare. This solution is designed to guard over the general care areas within a hospital where it will automate the process of early warning scoring and thus, detect patient deterioration. Bagan Specialist Centre has pioneered the installation of aforementioned solution in their respected institution, making them the first hospital in Peninsular Malaysia to implement this IT solution for 95 beds, inclusive of medical wards, surgical wards, obstetric and gynaecological wards.

After 6 months of hard work from both Philips, idsMED and also the clinical team from Bagan Specialist Centre, we are proud to announce that the system has then gone live on 15th of May and thus far, the users are experiencing firsthand, the extent of help and benefit IT solutions can bring upon the clinical workflow and environment. Bagan Specialist Centre, Philips Healthcare and idsMED will launch Intellivue Guardian officially on 4th of July. Stay tuned.

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