PT IDS Manufacturing Systems Indonesia - Factory Open House

The PT IDS Manufacturing Systems Indonesia organised a Factory Open House for the idsMED employees on 8 August 2022 for them to witness the production of the RespoKare® masks.
Event News
18 August 2022
PT IDS Manufacturing Systems Indonesia, the manufacturer of RespoKare® N95 Respirator Plus and Anti-Viral Flat Masks, held a Factory Open House at Cikande Modern Industrial Estate, Serang, Banten on 8 August 2022 for idsMED Indonesia.

The Factory Open House is open to all idsMED employees, especially those in the Greater Jakarta offices to see how the RespoKare® masks are produced.

Ridwan Kurnia, Jakarta Branch Manager, opened the event by reminding everyone that it is the team’s mindset that sets the cap on the performance at idsMED. He further added that if everyone strongly believes in idsMED’s good cause to deliver healthcare solutions to improve the quality of life in Indonesia, the sky is the only limit.

Tjandra Mihardja, President Director of BERSEDA came next with a remarkable speech as a partner of IDS Manufacturing in establishing the factory. This was followed by greetings from Ardia Karnugroho, Senior Manager of InnoQ and APS Unit Indonesia. Ardia then conducted a virtual factory tour for the benefit of the online attendees.

The highlight of the open house was the actual factory tour for the idsMED employees. All the visitors were placed into groups of ten for the guided tour by Kartika and Arik. Starting from the production room, the groups proceeded to visit each station to witness every process of the manufacturing - from raw material in the warehouse to packaging, and the checking of bacterial levels in the Bio Lab to measuring tensile strength in the Physics Lab.

It was a great experience and knowledge for everyone to see how the RespoKare® anti-viral masks are produced.

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