Steer the Invisible Storm 1.0
InnoQ, in collaboration with RespoKare, hosted its first 2-hour webinar on 20 March 2021 to 824 attendees. It was an insightful session to learn about the different types of masks and the protection they give through various case studies and a life-sharing experience of contracting the COVID-19.
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05 April 2021
InnoQ, idsMed’s in-house brand, hosted its 1st webinar alongside RespoKare on 20 March 2021. The 2-hour webinar, presided by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Suraiya and Dr. Ariffin Marzuki Bin Mokhtar covered the topic - Steer the Invisible Storm.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Suraiya spoke about the different types of masks available in the market to combat the COVID-19 virus, while Dr. Ariffin Marzuki shared his side of the story on contracting COVID-19 personally.

The webinar, attended by 824 participants, was an eye-opener and an insightful session for everyone. This webinar is the first of more to come. Stay tuned for the next webinar!

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