Happiness always comes first. Growth should lead to happier lives, and technologies should be shared for everyone’s well-being. HIRONIC will do its best to share the HIRONIC technology to create long lasting beauty and health.
About Hironic
Under the slogan ‘Happy maker’, HIRONIC leads the aesthetic medical device industry as it develops itself beyond the Korean local market to a global enterprise. Beginning the journey by the development of HIFU Skin Lifting Device, HIRONIC has extended its lineup with a Cyro Fat Reduction Device, F.U.E featured Hair Engraftment Device and more- leading the trend in aesthetic medical device industry. Differentiated solutions are what HIRONIC always plan to offer. Through our progress we will be your business partner in success, helping patients grow beauty and confidence in and out. HIRONIC pursues ‘A Happy Life Trough Growth’, as we function through a CSR system based on the simple term of happiness. HIRONIC’s 1% net profit donation to the Korean Minkok Leadership Academy, and Company Bucket List for the employees are just some of the many happy plans HIRONIC shares with the community. Farther social contributions are planned for shareholders, customers, business partners and local communities.
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