idsMED Malaysia initiates CSR Partnership with SESO Malaysia

Inspired by Bendera Putih, idsMED Malaysia partnered with SESO Malaysia to help the poor and underprivileged communities during the difficult times of the pandemic.
08 October 2021
Amid all our daily challenges, it is easy to forget that we have already endured nearly two years of the pandemic. During this period, each one of us face difficulties of a different kind.
We have been humbled by many stories of families in need, businesses trying to stay afloat, and some businesses having to close down in such difficult times.
In July 2021, a nationwide movement, Bendera Putih, which calls upon those desperately in need of help to display a white flag outside their homes, caught our attention. Despite facing challenges of their own, many Malaysians rose to the occasion to help.

At idsMED, our brand promise reminds us of our caring nature, which directs us to channel our efforts through our CSR arm to help society as best as we can. As such, for this year’s CSR initiative, we are delighted to have joined hands with SESO Malaysia, a non-profit organisation, to help those in need.

This initiative has received positive response from our employees who have generously contributed essential items and cash donations.

The CSR team is also thankful to the volunteers (Luqman, Wai Jing, Bryan, Anusha, Azizi, Kavita and Stephanie) for their time and assistance with the distribution of the donated care packages.

We hope this will help the poor and underprivileged communities, which have grown in number over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, tide over difficult times.

This CSR initiative has made us very proud of the idsMED family because their support definitely exemplifies the company’s core beliefs and values.

We look forward to doing more with everyone and let us all get through this challenging time together.

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