idsMED Malaysia’s Annual Awards & Appreciation 2021

idsMED Malaysia successfully held the Annual Awards & Appreciation 2021 ceremony on 6 September 2021 to give recognition to the dedicated and loyal employees for their long service in the company.
10 September 2021
On 6 September 2021, idsMED Malaysia held its Annual Awards & Appreciation 2021 (AAA) event. The event was postponed from last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its corresponding restrictions. Since the pandemic situation has remained unchanged in 2021, idsMED Malaysia decided to proceed with the AAA event. A hybrid format made up of virtual and in-person presentations, was organised for the ceremony.

The AAA is the most important event in the year where we honour our colleagues with distinctive awards. The Long Service Award (LSA) is given in appreciation of staff’s loyalty for the number of years of dedicated service to the company, whereas the HEART Award gives recognition to staff who have shown exemplary behaviour worthy of idsMED’s Brand Promise.

The event started with a warm welcome speech by Ainul Hasnizam, Managing Director & SVP, who delivered his congratulatory speech to all the 39 well-deserving award recipients. This was followed by HR Manager Shawn Ling, who shared the significance and importance of the AAA event and the Long Service Award.

Even our Group CEO & Founding Partner, Ben Chang, graced the occasion with his inspiring message and expressed his utmost appreciation to all employees who worked hard and contributed to idsMED’s success.

Next, we had Mr. Kheng Tan, Vice President for Education & Training, who shared the meaning of the HEART award and the significance of the notable efforts in our Brand Promise.

In closing, Dr Adzuan, Regional Managing Director & EVP, paid tribute to all the award recipients for their loyalty, dedication, and contribution to idsMED.

Before the event ended, we also took the opportunity to announce the winners of a baking competition which was held in conjunction with idsMED’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations. The baking competition’s objectives were to encourage our employees to not only showcase their baking skills, but to also provide an activity that includes their families, to be a part of the wider idsMED ‘family’. The baking competition required the participants to bake something that represented both idsMED and Malaysia.

It was definitely a memorable day and a joyous occasion “connecting” with our colleagues. Our sincere thanks to the working committee for ensuring the success of the AAA event as well as in meeting all the local pandemic regulations.

Congratulations to all the well-deserving award recipients who were honoured at the ceremony.

Our award recipients are:

LSA – Branches (5,10 & 25 Years)
No Name  Designation  Branch LSA
1 Paul Yeoh Su Bing Senior Engineering Specialist  Penang 25
2 Wong Mun Chung Senior Engineering Specialist  Penang  10
3 Venothinee A/P Govala @ Gopalan Manager II - Sales Johor 10
4 Nik Muhammad Hafiz Bin Nik Yusoff Engineering Specialist  Kelantan 5
5 John Ooi JenQ Yih Sales Specialist  Penang  5

LSA – Central (5 Years)
No Name  Designation  Branch LSA
1 Mohd Azizi Bin Ismail Assistant II - Office Services Central 5
2 Shim Jinn Haur Senior Engineering Specialist  Central 5
3 Tan Kheng Seng Vice President, Education & Training Central 5
4 Puvaneswari A/P Lawrence Deputy Manager - Pricing & Quotation Central 5
5 Angie Lee Sook Ping  Supervisor I - Pricing & Quotation Central 5
6 How Wern Ching Executive I - Engineering Support Central 5
7 Amir Afham Bin Ariffin Engineering Specialist Central 5
8 Ahmad Salizan Bin Saleh Engineering Specialist Central 5
9 Norafiza Binti Mohd Razuki Supervisor I -Finance Central 5
10 Noorazlina Binti Zainal Supervisor I -Finance Central 5
11 Kavitha A/P Moorthy Senior Product Specialist  Central 5
12 Lai Say Lim Senior Product Specialist  Central 5
13 Doreen Wong Yeon Yin Deputy Manager - APS  Central 5
14 Nur Shazreen Binti Wasta Executive II - HR Central 5
15 Sivanis A/L Pushpa Raja Manager II - Medical Products Central 5
16 Ainul Izam Bin Ismail Assistant II- Transportation Central 5
17 Ujoodha Preethviraj Director - IT Central 5
18 Kor Ker Zhi Senior Manager - Application Development Central 5

LSA – Central (10 Years)
No Name Designation Branch LSA
1 Tharmendra A/L Mahadevan  Manager I - Medical Products   Central 10
2 Leong Chinn Ying   Supervisor I - Inventory Management Central 10
3 Nurul Ain Low Binti Abdullah Deputy Manager - Finance Central 10
4 Anatharaw A/L Engamah Manager II - Sales  Central 10
5 Mohd Zuhairee Bin Mohd Zahari Senior Engineering Specialist  Central 10
6 Tamilselvan A/L Perumal Senior Engineering Specialist  Central 10
7 Mohd Muhaimin Bin Muhamad Muzamil Senior Engineering Specialist  Central 10
8 Norliza Binti Kamarul Zaman Assistant I - Pricing & Quotation Central 10
9 S G Jayaboomy A/L Simon G Gannesan Senior Product Specialist  Central 10
10 Ivy Foo Oi Lee Senior Clinical Specialist Central 10

LSA – Central (15 ,20, 25 & 35 years)
No Name Designation Branch LSA
1 Norhasimah Binti HJ Hassan  Executive II - Pricing & Quotation Central  35
2 Cheng Chui Lee  Senior Engineering Specialist Central  25
3 Yong Hoy Kwong Senior Engineering Specialist Central  20
4 Anusha A/P M. Subramaniam Supervisor I - SOM Central  20
5 Loke Chee Leong Senior Manager - Sales Central  20
6 Cheah Ann Nie Deputy Manager - SOM Central  15

HEART Awardee
No Name  Designation  Branch
1 Kueh Jing Lee Senior Sales Specialist  Sarawak
2 Bryan Au Senior Manager – Finance  Central 
3 Norliza Kamarul Zaman Assistant I – Pricing & Quotation  Central 
4 Leong Chinn Ying   Supervisor I - Inventory Management Central 

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