5 Bad Habits That Can Disrupt Eye Health

Not to be taken for granted, we must treasure our eyes to enjoy doing our daily activities well and see the beauty around us. Follow these 5 tips to keep your eyes healthy.
07 June 2021
The eyes are one of the most vital organs of the human body. Without a good sense of sight, a person’s daily activities and productivity will be affected. Unfortunately, there are still many people who often ignore caring for them. It is important for us to always maintain good eye health so that they function well. We need to avoid the following habits that are bad for the eyes:

1. Staring at the Gadget Screen for too Long
It is undeniable - high human productivity in this digital era makes us inseparable from the use of devices such as laptops, tabs, and cellphones. However, looking at the screen for too long certainly has a very bad impact on the eyes because of the effects of blue light radiation. As a result, the eyes become dry, tired, and the eye muscles become tense, triggering headaches, and long-term consequences such as retinal damage can lead to blindness. You can work around this by resting your eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes while using the gadget, by shifting your gaze from the screen to another object as far as 20 feet (6 meters),

2. Reading in A Dim-lit Room
Although it does not cause serious and permanent eye damage, reading in a dim room makes it difficult for the eyes to focus, resulting in eye fatigue. Tired eyes caused by this habit will bring about blurred vision, itchy eyes, and headaches. You are recommended to read under adequate lighting because it can optimise your eyesight.

3. The Habit of Rubbing the Eyes
Some people tend to rub their eyes when their eyes feel itchy, or they are sleepy, or when they wake up. Rubbing the eyes is not a problem, but it can cause eye problems such as irritation, corneal damage, and ruptured blood vessels if done too often. Moving forward, avoid the habit of rubbing your eyes. If your eyes feel itchy, you can simply close your eyes and only gently wipe the eyelids.

4. Forgetting to Remove the Contact Lenses before Sleeping
For those who use contact lenses, you must clean them daily and take them off when you want to sleep. Wearing contact lenses improperly will trigger various eye diseases such as inflammation of the cornea of the eye or keratitis. Keratitis quickly occurs when you do not maintain proper hygiene of the contact lenses, as this will invite the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Keratitis is a severe infection that can cause permanent eye damage like blindness.

5. Excessive UV Rays Exposure
Reducing activity under direct sunlight can prevent the eyes from harmful UV rays. Exposure to high-intensity light can cause serious side effects and abnormalities in the eye, like decreased ability to see color, blurred vision, the risk of cataracts, and eye tumors. Wearing sunglasses is often a simple option to protect the eyes from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Ordinary sunglasses are not enough, so choose glasses that can block off the UV rays when outdoors.

These are some of the daily habits that people often ignore, which can inflict unnecessary side effects. The eyes are a gift from God, without which we will have difficulty doing things and seeing the beauty of the world. Therefore, we must care for them and be grateful for the blessings that have been given to us.
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