The first hospital to use modern ultrasound to detect early fetal abnormalities

Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology hospital has officially put into use the latest model EPIQ ELITE ultrasound system of Philips to serve the increasing demand in obstetric healthcare.
27 March 2020

Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology hospital has officially put into use the latest model EPIQ ELITE ultrasound system of Philips to serve the increasing demand in obstetric healthcare.

With the possession of this ultrasound system, Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology hospital becomes the first hospital in Vietnam to have a world-class modern ultrasound machine which is sufficient to perform precise screening, early detection of deformities and difficult case to predict from the development of the fetus …

Fetal deformities are increasing

Sharing with Health & Life journalist at the symposium “Advanced fetal echocardiography” and ultrasound training for doctors and obstetrics units in neighboring provinces organized by Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology hospital and idsMED Vietnam in December 5, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Anh – Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology hospital said that on average, each year, Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology hospital processed examination for about 1 million patients with increasing rate of fetal malformations.

There are several reasons for these results. The first reason is the increasingly higher professional qualifications and equipment for modern and comprehensive diagnosis;

Secondly, it seems that the spontaneous mutation rate increases, plus the current environmental and life problems… Although we have had the backup solution, the rate of fetal malformations still increases.

In order to improve the quality of obstetrics and population quality, Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology hospital focuses not only on improving the quality of diagnosis and screening, but also on the quality of intervention. That is, when the fetus is found to be abnormal, we will define what to do and what stage of intervention will be appropriate …

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Anh said: We always set the standard for screening and diagnostics system. The hospital’s access to and investment in the latest EPIQ ELITE of Philips ultrasound systems – one of the highest in the current generation of ultrasound models has reaffirmed our standards for equipment.

On receiving this system, we organized this training course on ultrasound to make sure that the physicians of the hospitals as well as the physicians of the obstetric hospitals of the neighboring provinces are not only able to share about this equipment but also aware of this equipment to research and consider to invest.

Early screening helps improve the quality of obstetrics – population quality

According to Director Nguyen Duy Anh, the population quality is affected by many factors, in which human element plays an extremely important role. “Human quality usually started by obstetric factors, today’s modern obstetrics, prenatal and postnatal screening will contribute to the improvement of fetal and newborn quality which later on becomes the population of our country.”- Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Anh emphasized.

According to the Director of Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, in order to carry out quality and accurate screening, important factors include the team of physicians perform prenatal and postnatal screening and the availability of modern machinery and equipment system.

“In the past, we could only carry out a prenatal examination using stethoscope. Now with the increasing demands on the quality of obstetric care, there is a call for modern ultrasound systems with high-resolution images, providing accurate measurements, and even today, Philips’ modern ultrasound machines have the feature to accurately position and measure the hardness density.

As a result, it helps to detect difficult and small abnormalities precisely at the level of the disease, the ability to keep the fetus or not and what to do if so”- Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Anh informed.

In addition, there are also other screening systems, such as gene sequencing machines, for further examination and screening to determine whether the fetus is really good or not.

“Of course, apart from the above factors, the organizational system organize screening in the community should not merely stop at just hospital screening” – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Anh said.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Anh affirmed: In obstetric screening, modern equipment will result in more accurate screenings, at an earlier stage. Without modern equipment, it is difficult to accurately detect deformities. The closer the screening to the diagnosis, the more valuable it becomes. So, the role of equipment, modern ultrasound is essential.

The new generation EPIQ ELITE ultrasound machine of Philips distributed by idsMED Vietnam has a series of advanced features:

- nSIGHT hardware platform and Windows 10 operating system - 10 times faster speed of signal processing and patient information security.

- HD MAX screen technology - New generation 24-inch display with 40% brighter than OLED technology

- Modern design, simple, easy to use with image optimization tools, exclusive processing functions of Philips such as: XRES Pro, SonoCT, iSCAN, AutoSCAN ...

- PureWave, multi-frequency transducer technology - overcomes limitations in complicated cases by creating high-resolution images from near to far fields, increasing reliability in early pregnancy diagnoses.

- With specialized software for obstetrics such as TrueVue, FlexVue, STIC, aBiometry Assist, MicroFlow Imaging: Doctors will reduce examination time, more accurate diagnosis of diseases, thereby raise the brand awareness for the hospital as well as the trust from the patients.


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