Up to 2,000 people in Na Hau commune - Yen Bai province were given free medical examination and medicine

On December 28, 2019, the Voluntary Doctors Group organized a free medical examination, consultation and medicine distribution program for nearly 2,000 people in Na Hau commune, Van Yen district, Yen Bai province.
27 March 2020

On December 28, 2019, the Voluntary Doctors Group organized a free medical examination, consultation and medicine distribution program for nearly 2,000 people in Na Hau commune, Van Yen district, Yen Bai province. This is the 39th program "Togetherness for public health" organized by the Voluntary Doctors Group.

Volunteer examination team members are doctors from some big hospitals in Hanoi such as 108 Military Central Hospital, Thanh Nhan Hospital and doctors and nurses of Van Yen District’s medical center.  Nearly 2,000 people were given examination, treatment and consultation on ear, nose and throat, maxillofacial, internal medicine, cardiology, gynecology with free medicine.

Na Hau is a commune of Van Yen district, nearly 100km away from Yen Bai city with 95% citizen are minority H’Mong people whose material and spiritual life still faces many difficulties with no access to health care services. Therefore, people here are very excited when the voluntary doctors visit, consult and provide free medicine.

Dr. Ngo Tuan Anh, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department, 108 Military Central Hospital, Chairman of Voluntary Doctor Group shared: We are very happy to contribute our effort to partly support the examination and distribution medicine for the people here. The organization of this program is a close cooperation between the group, Yen Bai Department of Health and local authorities".

Accompanying many activities of the Voluntary Doctor Group, on this occasion, idsMED Vietnam - one of the leading medical equipment suppliers in Vietnam continued to support doctors using super InnoSight mobile ultrasound machine produced by Philips (USA).

“InnoSight is a general ultrasound machine with full of software and features ... Although it is very compact and portable, the ultrasound quality is equivalent to any other big ultrasound systems, meeting the ultrasound requirements. As InnoSight supports diagnosing many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, it is suitable for on-site motionless examination and motion examination. It is also suitable for examination in hospital beds and clinical departments for quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases.”- Dr. Do Van Quyen (Faculty of on-demand treatment, 108 Military Central Hospital) who used InnoSight machine in this event said.

Dr. Bach Hop (Imaging Department, Thanh Nhan Hospital) also praised InnoSight because “the compact machine is very convenient for motion examination, on-site motionless examination in the hospital and emergency at home. It offers sharp image quality while fully supports basic examination applications.”

With the dedication and enthusiasm of the Voluntary Doctors Group and the companion of other departments, branches, unions, individuals and organizations across the country like idsMED Vietnam, not only people in big cities but also people in remote and disadvantaged areas can have access to modern health care, as well as receive medical consultations and advice from leading doctors and experts with modern medical equipment.

About InnoSight

InnoSight is a high-end portable ultrasound machine manufactured by Philips (USA):

✓ Basic to advanced ultrasound applications, including abdominal cavity, gynecology, soft tissue, blood vessels, skeletal muscle joints

✓ Compact design, portable, weight 2.5 kg

✓ Fast start-up in 25 seconds, continuous use in 2 hours

✓ Wifi connection and local network transfer DICOM images to PACS system

✓ High quality images with XRES noise filter, SonoCT beam and multi-frequency technology.

✓ Image optimization feature with just one key press

*Source: suckhoedoisong.vn

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