15 February 2019
Early Detection of Down Syndrome with Ultrasonography
Down syndrome can be diagnosed almost as soon as a baby is born, based on distinctive physical chara...
14 February 2019
An Introduction to Ultrasonography
While the patient’s history and physical examination are the initial steps of making a medical dia...
28 January 2019
8 Signs You’re Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted
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18 January 2019
Bigorexia: When bodybuilding becomes an addiction
‘Bigger and better’ is the name of the game for bodybuilders. But at some point, the bodybuildin...
17 January 2019
The Scary Truth About Liver Cancer
“600,000 people in the world die from this, and a lot of them are Asians. We have had the vaccine ...
10 January 2019
The Hidden Danger of Using Hand Dryers
The most favorable bathroom inventions might be the hand dryers. But did you know that they spread ...