14 March 2019
What Is Peptic Ulcer?
Peptic ulcer is a common disease found within our society. There are approximately 40% Indonesian wh...
25 February 2019
The Importance of Ultrasonography in Pregnancy
Throughout the history, pregnant women routinely undergo ultrasound examination. This examination is...
20 February 2019
The Role of USG in Detecting Kidney Disease
Many chronic renal diseases lead to the final common state of decrease in kidney size, parenchymal a...
15 February 2019
Early Detection of Down Syndrome with Ultrasonography
Down syndrome can be diagnosed almost as soon as a baby is born, based on distinctive physical chara...
14 February 2019
An Introduction to Ultrasonography
While the patient’s history and physical examination are the initial steps of making a medical dia...
30 January 2019
Breathing Support for Infants
A ventilator is used to provide breathing support for sick or premature babies. These babies are oft...