17 October 2018
International Infection Prevention Week: Protecting Patients Everywhere
Each year, in the third week of October, we celebrate a global event called International Infection ...
12 September 2018
Preventing Spread of Nosocomial Infection in Hospital
People acquire infectious diseases from many different places during their lives, one of which is ho...
04 September 2018
The Impact of Exposure to Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance
Most developing countries are faced with the problem of air pollution, as many of the people live in...
06 August 2018
Advances in Typhoid Diagnosis
An ideal diagnostic test for typhoid and typhoid carriers should be rapid, specific as well as sensi...
20 July 2018
How Stress Test Could Support Healthcare Practitioners
Stress test is a test of cardiovascular capacity made by monitoring the heart during a period of inc...
06 July 2018
A Good Giving to Mercy Center
In support of HIV treatment programmes for the children of the Klongtoey Slum, the management and st...