Collaboration Partnership


idsMED Partners AirTec Medical Limited and BioScan Limited

We are delighted to announce the partnership of AirTec Medical Limited (AirTec) and BioScan Limited (BioScan) and IDS Medical Systems (Hong Kong) Company Limited (idsMED) starting from April 1, 2019. 

AirTec and BioScan started the business of distribution of medical devices and consumables since 2004. They specialize in distributing medical consumables to operation theatres and anaesthesiology, and diabetes care products respectively. This collaboration will cross leverage the strength of the 3 companies and further explore opportunities for business expansion. 

AirTec and BioScan will assign the distributorship right of the following principals to idsMED, effective April 1, 2019 for a period of 12 months: 

Beijing Tuoren International Trade Co., Ltd. www.tuoren.com/en/
Markstein Sichtec Medical Corporation www.msst.com.tw www.longlife.com.pk
Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd. www.welllead.com.cn/index_en.aspx
General Life BioTechnology Co. Ltd. www.bioscan.com.hk 
HTL - Strefa S.A. www.bioscan.com.hk
i-Sens, Inc. www.bioscan.com.hk
Medwell (Asia) Company Limited www.bioscan.com.hk

To make sure we continue to offer excellent quality of service to the customers, the AirTec and BioScan team will continue to be the contact point and lead the business of the above mentioned principals after joining idsMED.