The first FSS Graduation for idsMED Indonesia

The FSS Foundation Programme is a 3-month training given to our new staff. Our first batch of 10 trainees from idsMED Indonesia started their training in November 2020 and graduated on 16 January 2021.
16 January 2021

The FSS Foundation Programme is an internal training for the new staff of idsMED.  Our experienced trainers carry out a three-month program to provide newly hired with the knowledge and skills in sales and marketing, basic healthcare, etc.  The first programme started in November 2020.  

16 January 2021 marked the end of the training for the first batch of ten trainees who came from all branches of idsMED Indonesia.  A prelude to the graduation ceremony was the team-building event to imbibe that Spirit of Excellence among the trainees. Present at the event were several BODs, Pak Ramli, Pak Rufi, and Pak Danny.  

These graduates are now posted to various functions and positions at idsMED Indonesia, such as Production Team, Clinical Specialist, Sales, Aesthetics, Engineering and iLA. They now start to contribute to idsMED across the branches in Jakarta, Semarang, Bali and Makassar.  


Congratulations to all trainees!

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