BME Services

We Care with A HEART Because Your Life Matters. This is our service's underlying spirit of providing our customers' best experience from the delivery, installation, and after-sales service of a medical device. Besides the national and international certifications, our competent engineers are always ready to provide the services you need.

Our Solutions

Our services go beyond product sales and delivery. A team of highly-qualified biomedical services engineers is committed to assisting our customers in installations, repairs, regular maintenance, and other troubleshooting needs.

Quality Control

We always keep our high-quality products & services checked. Our experts always check every unit that enters the warehouse. Before delivering it to our customer, the experts recheck the unit.


Even before the installation process take place, we are already engaged with the customers. We provide pre-installation consultation and project management for each unit such as MRI and CT Scan machines. We deliver technical consultation for our customers who need further information about the tools. Our experts will help to adjust your needs for tool installation.

Performance Maintenance and Troubleshooting

We care about customer needs in repairing every damage. At idsMED, our experts will check and perform routine maintenance for each guaranteed unit. We also provide accessories, software updates, and support equipment to maximize the performance of each unit.

After Sales Service

At idsMED, we realize customer needs in after-sales services. We provide full maintenance of each unit, extended warranty, and spare part availability. Therefore, we can give comfort and easiness to our customers.

Highly Qualified Engineers

Our pool of engineers is highly skilled and dedicated to their work because we are thorough in our selection and recruitment process from the best Biomed engineering schools.

We also provide continuous training to equip them with the most up-to-date tools and IT systems to give our customers the best support.

Our engineers are spread across various cities in Indonesia, from the east to the west. This effort ensures the timely delivery of our services. 

We care with a HEART, because your life matters.


Three important factors shape our engineers:

A good monitoring system supports our BioMED Service team to track historical data and information related to the services rendered by our engineers to your medical device unit. This report is accessible anytime and anywhere.