Terms & Condition


1.1 By accessing into our website (idsMED), one is indirectly getting agreed with any or all the rules, regulations, policies and as well as instructions with regards to the purchase of the products. (idsMED) reserves the rights to revise all those rules, regulations, policies and instruction from time to time if the amendments are needed and therefore we exclude any complains against the revisions of  a particular product is being revised.

1.2 idsMED is an online shopping website where it provides medical instruments to be available to potential buyers. Since it is an online shopping, one must consider the rules and regulation that has been stated. During the course of purchasing our products online, you may place the order by completing the Order Form from the selected area and click the relevant button to submit the form. idsMED will not accept any orders which come through in any other ways.

1.3 idsMED shall be beneath no liability in respect of any defect arising from unsuitable or improper use, defective installation or authorization by the client or third parties, truthful wear and tear, wilful injury, negligence, abnormal operating conditions, defective or negligent handling, improper maintenance, excessive load, unsuitable operative materials and replacement materials, poor work, unsuitable foundation, chemical, electro-technical/electronic or electrical influences, the client or third parties' failure to follow manufacturer’s directions, misuse or alteration or repair of the product.

1.4 idsMED shall be underneath no liability some in respect of any defect within the merchandise arising when the termination of the applicable Product pledge, if any.

1.5 idsMED will give the official invoice along attached with the physical goods. With regards to the courier company that we contract, idsMED has all the discretion as to the types of courier that we choose.


2.1 If you are an intellectual property right owner (IPR Owner) or an agent duly authorised by an IPR Owner (IPR Agent), regarded that your right or your principal's right has been infringed, please do humbly notify us in writing or email to us and provide us the following legal documents to support your claim. Please do give us the time to process and to investigate the information provided. idsMED will respond to your complaint as soon as it is practicable.

2.2 Complains under this Section 8 must be given in the shape recommended by idsMED, which might be refreshed every now and then, and must incorporate at any rate the accompanying: (an) a physical or electronic mark of an IPR Owner or IPR Agent (all in all, "Witness"); (b) a depiction of the sort and nature of protected innovation right that is professedly encroached and verification of rights; (c) points of interest of the posting which contains the affirmed encroachment; (d) adequate data to enable to contact the Informant, for example, Informant's physical address, phone number and email address; (e) an announcement by Informant that the grievance is recorded on great confidence conviction and that the utilization of the licensed innovation as recognized by the Informant is not approved by the IPR Owner or the law; (f) an announcement by the Informant that the data in the notice is precise, reimburse us for any harms we may endure thus of the data given by and that the Informant has the suitable right or is approved to follow up for IPR Owner's sake to the protestation.

2.3 This clause particularly focuses on anyone who misuses idsMED website or even our products. This is mainly to avoid anyone who intends or misuse our website. One can be held liable for misusing this following website without idsMED’s consent.


3.1 Credit Card
Buyer can also make payments through Credit Card. In order to purchase through credit card, buyer bears any losses resulting to the transactions that has been taken place that never reaches our system.

3.2 IP88
IP88 on the other hand is a leading payment Gateway that allows buyers to make payment through this System. This gateway is safer and has been authorized by our company.


4.1 Products on our site might indicate level of stock do not necessarily guarantee the products availability. We reserve the rights to cancel existing orders or discontinue the sale of the product.


5.1 If a buyer have any doubts to be cleared or any questions that need to be posted, please don't hesitate to contact idsMED, as we will look upon from time to time to improve our service to be better in the future.


6.1 Risk of damage or loss of the Products should go to the Customer at the course of delivery, or if the Customer wrongfully neglects to take the delivery of Products, at the time when Seller has offered the delivery of the product.


7.1 Third Party should be qualified for delegate as well as subcontract any rights or commitments under these Terms and Conditions of Sale to idsMED or any of idsMED assigned specialist co-ops, subcontractors and additionally operators.


8.1 If any time that any of the provision in this terms and condition of sale shall become or otherwise as to be illegal, invalid, unenforceable in any respect , the particular provision shall be not be affected or impaired  and shall continue to be illegal, invalid, or enforceable provision was severed from these Terms and Condition of idsMED.


9.1 idsMED has all the rights to amend any changes in this Terms and Condition. Therefore, idsMED shall not be liable for the changes that have been amended.

9.2 If there is any typographical errors found in the product description, invoice, clerical or any error or omissions that have been posted on idsMED part shall be subject to correction without any liability on idsMED part.


10.1 Money reference under this Terms and Condition of Sale shall be in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).


11.1 We are not liable for any problems which arises from the product usage, including but are not limited to damage, injury, safety issues.


12.1 Buyers may post any comments, photos, videos, and as well as ratings at the reviews column. One shall respect and only give reviews which are decent. idsMED has all the rights to remove if the ratings and reviews are irrelevant to the site.


13.1 This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with our Malaysian Constitution and relevant area of Corporate and Cyber Law.


Besides this Terms and Condition policy, use of the services is also governed by the following policies, which are also incorporated into this agreement.

14.1 Privacy Policy

14.2 Delivery Policy

14.3 Return and Refund Policy