idsMED Learning Academy (iLA)

As part of our mission in delivering healthcare solutions and improving the quality of life, we are always committed to making sustainable and positive contributions to the healthcare industry. Therefore, we arise with various designed programs to assist health practitioners continuously in increasing and improving their knowledge & skills.

iLA Webinar

Innovative and interactive educational webinars are aimed at healthcare workers to enhance their knowledge of medical services.


iLA Cast

The iLA Cast is to provide updates on health news to the healthcare workers in Indonesia.


The iLA digital program which aims to provide updates on the development and implementation of health policies in the market. 



The iLA Debate is an interactive platform for healthcare workers to express their opinions on ongoing health issues and related topics.

The iLA Hospital Partnership is a program between iLA and hospitals across Indonesia that share the same vision and mission to improve Indonesia's quality of health services.

The partnership will focus on developing advanced health education to prepare healthcare workers for the dynamic challenges of health care and continue innovating and improving health care services.

The iLA Learning and Education Program is a learning and education project developed by the iLA in cooperation with distinguished stakeholders in the field of education.  The objective is for interested health workers to upskill and expand their knowledge of health services. 

The modules follow international standards and are customised to adapt to the national conditions in Indonesia. Two forms of interactive approaches are used to improve the quality and efficacy of the training sessions.

  • Online learning
  • Blended learning

The iLA Healthcare Management Consultation program is an exclusive consulting program with the iLA team of consultants.  They assist healthcare providers to discover problems and strategise for improvement and implementation.

The iLA Healthcare Deployment Management program focuses on facilitating the fulfillment of competent and qualified health workers in the market through continuous training and monitoring programs. Through this program, healthcare workers can enrich and sharpen their knowledge and skills.