Healthcare Learning Advisory Services

Healthcare Learning Advisory Services help healthcare institutions provide the best healthcare services for their patients.

We work alongside healthcare services at all levels of the organisation to set up systems to achieve operational efficiency and grow internal capability through Process Design, Job Design, Instructional Design, Healthcare Management, and Healthcare Operations.

Our advisory solutions include: 

We focus on the alignment of the business with its operating strategy to ensure that the facility design is consistent with the intended outcome.

We design spaces for a smooth flow of people, materials, and information. It also includes the planning and sourcing of equipment to realise operational requirements.

Our services focus on how organisations can deliver results efficiently and productively.

We concentrate on designing operational processes to minimise waste and eliminate constraints and bottlenecks. A systematic approach is used to provide a harmonious interface and integration of man and the use of machines.

Capability development focuses on building workforce competencies that meet operational outcomes to deliver quality business.

The key focus is on identifying the proficiencies that can be assessed and replicated to enable these skills and knowledge to be easily transferred for improved performance.